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제목 기혼 남성에게 사제 서품을 허용하려는 교황/Pope Francis Expresses Openness to Ordaining Married Men
작성자 관리자 작성일 2017-03-17

기혼 남성에게 사제 서품을 허용하려는 교황 (출처 연합뉴스)  

교황은 최근 3월 9일, 독일 주간지 디차이트와의 인터뷰에서 독신주의 규정을 없애는 것이 가톨릭교회의 사제 부족 문제에 대한 해답은 아니라고 했지만, 만성적인 사제 부족 문제를 해결하기 위해 기혼 남성에게 사제 서품을 허용하는 방안을 검토해야 한다고 밝혔는데....이는 신앙이 검증된 기혼남성, 소위 '비리 프로바티'(viri probati)에게 사제의 문호를 개방하고자 함이다.

교황은 "우리는 비리 프로바티가 (사제가 될 수 있는) 가능성이 있는지를 반드시 검토해야 한다. 또 그들이 어떤 사목활동을 할 수 있는지도 결정해야 한다. 일례로 오지에 보내는 방안이 있다"고 밝혔다.

일반적으로 사제들의 결혼을 금지한 가톨릭 독신주의는 사제 부족을 야기하는 주요 원인으로 지목돼왔고 이에 교황청 내의 자유주의, 현대주의 성직자과 일부 수녀들은 독신주의를 폐지하고, 기혼남성이나 여성의 사제 서품을 허용해야 한다는 요구가 지속적으로 주장해왔다.

오늘날 가톨릭교회는 어디로 가고 있나요?  2차 바티칸 공의회 이후 그 많던 사제, 수녀들이 왜 환속을 하며 수도 성소자들이 줄어든 이유는 무엇일가요? 전 세계적으로 왜  카톨릭 신자들은 급격하게 줄어들고 있나요?  이것은 공의회 이후 미사(전례)가 파괴됨으로써 사제들의 정체성 혼란과 사명감 상실, 그리고 신앙의 상실이 아닐까요? 오늘날 교회에 널리 퍼져있는  자유주의, 현대주의라는 신학의 물결 때문은 아닐까요?  아래 링크된 글을 참조하시기 바랍니다.

▶ 여성사제 서품과 사제 독신에 관하여

▶ 결혼한 성직자

* 다음은 아래 영문을 요약한 것이다.

역사를 통하여 성직자의 모든 위기에 있어서 (특히 사제독신문제) 교회는 항상 유일한 사제이신 예수 그리스도을 진정으로 모방해야함을 촉구함으로 응답하였다. 사제는 모범이신 그리스도를 완벽하게 같게 함으로써 성직자로 부터 정결을 지켜야 한다. (역자 주: 오늘날 소설, 영화 등을 통하여 예수 그리스도의  정결을 파괴하려는 보이지 않는 손길을 직시해야합니다) 르페브르 대주교는 아프리카 다카르에서 계실적에 천주섭리의 도우심으로 또한 성직자의 위기는 사제독신에 따른 '결혼' 문제가 대두될 것임을 미리 내다보셨다.

Pope Francis Expresses Openness to Ordaining Married Men

출처 성비오10세회 미국관구 

Andrew Medichini /AP

Both in tradition and in practice, the celibacy of the clergy has been without debate for centuries. Is that all about to change under this Pope?

In a recent interview with a left-leaning German newspaper, Pope Francis said that the possibility of ordaining married men in special cases needs to be considered, but he does not view a change in the celibacy requirement in the Western Church as a solution to the clergy shortage.

Voices calling for a change in discipline

 The March 9 issue of Die Zeit, in which the interview appeared, reports that “multiple voices”, in Germany, including some diocesan bishops and leaders of Catholic lay associations, have been questioning the Church’s perennial discipline of mandatory priestly celibacy. Over the years, advisors and friends of the Pope, including Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State, and Cardinal Claudio Hummes, former Prefect of the Congregation for Clergy, have suggested or advocated changing the discipline. Reportedly the Holy Father wanted clerical celibacy to be the topic for the next Synod of Bishops, although it was voted down by the Ordinary Council that organizes the periodic meeting of the Synod.

The actual public statements of Pope Francis about ordaining married men have been pragmatic and moderate. In 2016 he ruled out abolishing the requirement of priestly celibacy, saying that “it should remain as it is”. In the past and again in the recent interview with Die Zeit, he has mentioned ordaining viri probati; older men of proven faith and virtue, as a “possibility” that “we have to think about”. Married men could be ordained by way of exception in dioceses with the “enormous problem” of a shortage of priests. “We must also determine which tasks they can undertake, for example in remote communities,” the Holy Father remarked.

The Discipline of Celibacy

Apostolic Origins of Priestly Celibacy by Fr. Cochini, sj, Ignatius Press, 1990 (also Celibacy in the Early Church by Stefan Heid, Ignatius Press, 2000) is an excellent scholarly history of the much-debated discipline. Holy Orders has always and everywhere been an impediment to marriage, but in some circumstances a married man may be ordained. The Eastern Catholic Churches share with the Orthodox Churches a canon law tradition allowing married men to be ordained as priests but never as bishops. Even in the Latin Church, some married non-Catholic clergymen who become Catholics receive permission to be ordained priests (for instance for the Anglican Ordinariate).

In effect, Pope Francis told the reporter from Die Zeit that in the future there may be a few more special cases of married priests in the Catholic Church. Is that an open door to making exceptions a consented pastoral rule? Yet the solution to the vocations crisis, the Holy Father said, is not a married clergy but prayer. “That is what is missing: prayer.”

Abp. Lefebvre saw the answer for the Church

To all the crisis of the clergy throughout history, the Church always answered by promoting an authentic imitation of the Unique Priest Jesus Christ, demanding the chastity from the clergy as a more perfect identification with the Model.

By submitting the Statutes of the Society of St. Pius X to Church’ approval 50 years ago, Archbishop Lefebvre providentially answered the problem of the clergy he had foresaw when archbishop in Dakar.

"The dream was to transmit, before the progressive degradation of the priestly ideal, in all of its doctrinal purity and in all of its missionary charity, the Catholic Priesthood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, just as he conferred it on His Apostles, just as the Roman Church always transmitted it until the middle of the twentieth century.